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Import regulation for used and new cars from Japan to New Zealand


Used or new cars exported from Japan to New Zealand can be shipped from any port in Japan i.e. Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, to all major Ports in New Zealand such as  Auckland, Dunedin, Lyttleton, Napir, Tauranga, Welington. In order for us to start shipping procedures of your vehicle, we require payment for the vehicle only. Vehicles exported to New Zealand can be shipped FOB . That means that freight charges can be paid upon vehicle arrival. If you buy your car from, we will arrange export and shipping from Japan.

Age Restriction

Due to changes in emission standards, as of January 1st, 2012, vehicles imported into New Zealand must have been manufactured, in principle, no earlier than 2005.  Exceptions to that rule can be granted if the vehicle you are importing is a "special interest" vehicle or if you are importing a car that has been registered in your name in Japan.

Emmission Standards

Car or vehicle in question must meet emission and noise standards issued by New Zealand goverment for vehicles of the same class. Detailed information about emission standards for used vehicles can be obtained on the home page of New Zealand Transport Agency

Entry Certification

New or used cars must be Entry Certified. Learn more about entry certification for imported vehicles here.

Road Worthiness Check

Imported cars must be able to pass WOF (Warrant Of Fitness) check in New Zealand. Vehicles must not be rusty and be in good mechanical condition.

Right-Hand-Drive Only

All used or new cars must be Right Hand Drive. Exceptions can be made for a vehicles of special interests such as antique cars, special purpose vehicles, motorsport cars, machinery or hearses.

Vehicle Documentation

You must be in possession of all related vehicle documents, i.e De-Registration / Export Certificate, Commercial Invoice and Bill of Lading in order to receive your vehicle. All these documents will be provided by JapanTradeCar and will be sent to you via parcel service.

Quarantine Service of (MAF)

Before vehicle can be released to you in New Zealand, it must pass quarantine service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF).


Further Reading

Before importing a used vehicles to New Zealand, please consult this home page or contact us. Trade Haus Logistics exported hundreds of vehicles to New Zealand. Our competent sales staff will be able to quickly answer all your questions. Contact us via Phone, Fax Or Email listed on the bottom of this page.


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