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Import Regulations For Used Cars From Japan To Kenya

Importing Used Car from Japan to Kenya


Brand New or used cars imported to Kenya are shipped to the maritime port of Mombasa or Dar-Es-Salaam. JapanTradeCar will organize the export from Japan up to the port of Mombasa or Dar-Es-Salaam. Depending on the final destination in Kenya and current freight rates, import via the port of Dar-Es-Salaam might be a lucrative option. If you buy your car from, we will arrange export and shipping from Japan.

Age Restriction

When importing a used vehicle to Kenya, one must consider that the vehicle should be not older than 8 years. Click Here to see a list of cars suitable for import to Kenya.

Road Worthiness Inspection (JEVIC Inspection)

Used vehicles imported to Kenya must undergo a "Road Worthiness Inspection". Road Worthiness Inspection in case of all imports of used cars from Japan to Kenya must be performed by JEVIC.

JEVIC is a strict vehicle safety inspection test.  It ensures that the vehicle being sent has genuine mileage, has no damage to the chassis, all lights are working, no major rust, has tyres that are safe enough to drive with, has good working brakes and the constant velocity joints are not worn out.

JEVIC is mandatory in all countries that require JEVIC


All used cars exported to Kenya by JapanTradeCar pass the JEVIC Inspection and have a JEVIC Certificate.

Import Taxation in Kenya

Import duty is 25% of dutiable value
Excise Duty 20% of Excise Duty Value.
VAT is 16% of VAT value.

Unlike many countries, when importing to Kenya, the engine displacment of the vehicle does not affect the taxation duties.

Import Declaration Fees

Process fee 2.75% with a minimum of SH 5,000 paid prior to the application.


Further Reading

Home Page of Kenyan Revenue Authority


Used Car Import To Kenya on Wikipedia


Cheat Sheet

Year Restriction: Yes not more than eight (8) years old from the year of first registration
the difference between this year and the year of manufacture should not be more than one year
RWI Required Yes (JEVIC)




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