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Why is De-Registration Certificate Important!

Since the beginning of year 2010 we from have been providing a serries of usefull tips about avoiding fraud when buying used cars online. Unfortunately online fraud has dramatically increased over the past few years. Both buyers and sellers have to pay special attention to these trends.

Read below what an export certificate is and how it proves that a car exporter really does own the car.

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The Ownership or De-Registration Document

Below you can see two documents,

A. The Ownership/De-Registration Document.

This is a vehicle we purchased for export.  All vehicles that are bought and owned legally in Japan must have this document.

B The Export Certificate

This is for the same vehicle. This Export Certificate is obtained by the export company just before export from Japan. This is in Japanese and English. You should be provided with this when you are shipping your unit together with the shipping documents.

These documents have many parts but we have highlighted and numbered the important ones for you.
1. The FIRST Year of Registration.
This is in Japanese format. Please use THIS  calculator to help you change it to something we can all understand. Many illegitimate websites and exporters can fool you about this detail.

2. The Chassis Number. 
This should be the exact number that is on the web details. If it is not, we advise you to steer clear. Exporters that do not supply these full details may not actually own the vehicle and could send you something completely different 

3. The Last Recorded Mileage (KMs).
When Japanese vehicles are tested for on road safety every few years, the Odometer/Speedo reading is recorded. This is written here. If this number is more than the advertised KMs, then steer clear!

 4. The Last Owner 
This remark appears only on the Export Certificate showing the last owner of the vehicle before export. This SHOULD be the name of the company you are dealing with and the name of the bank account you are paying into. In our case, Trade Haus Logistics (THL).

Basically, if an exporter actually OWNS the vehicle, they WILL have  the Ownership Document(A). If they can NOT produce it for you immediately we advise you to steer clear.

What happens all the time is the less reputable exporter will:
i ). Send you something completely different.
OR worse
ii). Steal your money completely.

Trade Haus Logistics (THL) of Nagoya Japan, , as you already know is a reputable exporter you can trust! 

We have just changed our website so you no longer have to ask to see the A. The Ownership Document. We already provide it online under each of our vehicles details. We are the first export company to have these details online for you. We have NOTHING to hide. This also proves we OWN our own stock.

Please see the example below.

This can happen anywhere.  In Japan before the auction, by the dodgy exporter, at the port or even in your own country. The only real way to help defend yourself from this is to get hold of the Ownership Document and/or the Export Certificate

If an export company or vehicle dealer you are buying from does not want to give these to you, then ask yourself why. Reliable and reputable exporters and dealers will always supply these documents.

Empower yourself by always demanding a copy of these documents.

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