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View 13421IsuzuFlat Deck19922.8D671.5 tonManual White US$ 2,541
View 13374IsuzuElf19932.8D1641.5 tonManual White US$ 2,999
View 13422IsuzuFlat Deck19984.4D2432 tonManual White US$ 2,999
View 13426IsuzuFlat Deck19994.33D2932 tonManual White US$ 3,674
View 13431IsuzuFlat Deck20063.0D1461.5 tonother White US$ 3,679
View 13417IsuzuGull Wing20037.2D4383 tonother White US$ 3,856
View 13418IsuzuFlat Deck20014.4D5012 tonManual Green/White/Red US$ 4,557
View 13425IsuzuFlat Deck20072.99D3142 tonManual Yellow US$ 4,823
View 13427IsuzuFreezer Truck20037.16D8103 tonManual White US$ 4,829
View 13405MitsubishiCanter20005.3D843 tonManual White US$ 5,499
View 13423IsuzuDump20022.0D1534.3 tonManual White US$ 5,872
View 13375IsuzuElf20083.0D2793 tonManual White US$ 6,148
View 13420IsuzuFlat Deck20068.0D3814 tonManual White US$ 7,797
View 13419IsuzuDump20037.16D1774 tonManual White US$ 7,887
View 13430IsuzuBox Body20082.99D5133.5 tonother White US$ 8,764
View 13432IsuzuLight-duty Truck20103.0D118 Manual Gray US$ 17,296
View 13433IsuzuFreezer Truck20074.77D1443.5 tonother White US$ 21,735
View 13441HinoRanger Dump20175.2D13.85Manual White US$ 49,958
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