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View 13278SubaruLegacy Lancaster19992.5P98Automatic Silver US$ 688 US$ 189
View 13338SubaruLegacy19992.0P89Manual Silver US$ 799 US$ 226
View 13279SubaruLegacy Wagon19992.0P63Automatic Silver US$ 599 US$ 299
View 13277SubaruLegacy Wagon20022.0P86Automatic Blue US$ 888 US$ 321
View 13232SubaruForester20012.0P155Automatic Silver US$ 721 US$ 699
View 13112SubaruForester20052.0P127Manual White US$ 1,222 US$ 1,005
View 13161SubaruForester20042.0P100Automatic White US$ 1,115 US$ 1,009
View 12810SubaruLegacy20052.5P201Automatic Silver US$ 1,060
View 10671SubaruForester20022.0P170Automatic Silver US$ 1,360 US$ 1,180
View 12467SubaruLegacy Outback20062.5P206Automatic Green US$ 1,456
View 10646SubaruForester20022.0P135Automatic White US$ 1,500
View 10788SubaruForester20022.0P59Automatic Silver US$ 1,660
View 11367SubaruForester20062.0P105Automatic Black US$ 2,780
View 13336SubaruImpreza WRX20002.0P93Automatic Blue US$ 2,999
View 13214SubaruImpreza STi WRX19982.0P120Manual White US$ 3,499
View 10014SubaruForester20052.0P99Automatic Grey US$ 3,564
View 11260SubaruImpreza20062.0P86Automatic Silver US$ 3,999
View 12312SubaruLegacy 2.0i B Sports20082.0P78Automatic Silver US$ 5,925
View 13356SubaruImpreza20122.0P20Manual Blue US$ 27,899
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