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View 10404DaihatsuYRV20011.3P99Automatic White US$ 360 US$ 59
View 12075MazdaDemio20001.3P104Automatic BLue US$ 88
View 12498NissanMarch19981.0P118Automatic Blue US$ 98
View 12456DaihatsuMira20000.66P90Automatic Silver US$ 162
View 12477HondaLife20000.66P95Automatic White US$ 185
View 10180ToyotaRaum19981.5P72Automatic Pearl US$ 620 US$ 225
View 12669HondaCapa19981.5P88Automatic White US$ 236
View 12322MazdaCapella19981.8P79Automatic Green US$ 255
View 12316DaihatsuStoria19981.0P79Automatic Beige US$ 285
View 12221HondaFit20021.3P165Automatic Silver US$ 288
View 9959MazdaDemio20051.3P86Automatic Green US$ 920 US$ 292
View 11073ToyotaIpsum20002.0P195Automatic Pearl US$ 650 US$ 296
View 10998ToyotaProbox20021.5P150Automatic Silver US$ 580 US$ 299
View 12479HondaLife20040.66P80Automatic Light blue US$ 299
View 12521SuzukiWagon R Solio20021.3P92Automatic Beige US$ 299
View 10619MazdaDemio20021.5P36Manual silver US$ 880 US$ 306
View 12393SuzukiMR Wagon20020.66P87Automatic Beige US$ 315
View 12480HondaMobilio20021.5P69Automatic Silver US$ 325
View 12212HondaCapa20001.5P89Automatic Blue US$ 335
View 10459ToyotaNadia20012.0P108Automatic Silver US$ 780 US$ 349
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