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View 10548MazdaBongo19961.8P790.85 TonManual White US$ 1,360 US$ 980
View 11996HondaActy20010.66P1060,35 tonManual White US$ 1,666
View 12103ToyotaLiteace19911.8P1211.0 tonManual White US$ 2,032
View 10538NissanVanette Truck19971.8P721.0 TonManual White US$ 2,780 US$ 2,164
View 12037MitsubishiCanter19942.8D1251.5 tonsManual White US$ 2,888
View 10883ToyotaToyoace20012.0P621.25 tonManual Blue US$ 3,980 US$ 3,267
View 11937ToyotaDyna20012.0P292.0 tonsManual White US$ 4,622
View 11947ToyotaDyna19952.4D2132.0 tonsManual White US$ 4,820
View 11968ToyotaDyna19933.7D1222.0 tonsManual Green US$ 5,644
View 12041MitsubishiCanter19964.6D3883.35 tonsManual White US$ 6,433
View 10637HinoRanger Dump19946.0D893.7 tonManual white US$ 8,860 US$ 6,688
View 12039MitsubishiCanter20005.0D3983.0 tonsManual White US$ 7,222
View 11992MitsubishiCanter19994.2D3102.0 tonsManual Blue silver US$ 7,422
View 11990MitsubishiFuso Canter20024.2D2402.0 tonsManual White US$ 8,352
View 11991IsuzuForward20037.2D7103.25 tonsManual White US$ 8,944
View 12034MitsubishiFuso Fighter19937.5D783.75 tonsManual Light blue US$ 10,666
View 11994IsuzuForward20047.2D1744.0 tonsManual Black US$ 31,764
View 11993HinoProfia200512.9D68812.6 tonsManual Blue US$ 35,966
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