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Buying Process

Used Vehicle Auction We are nationwide members of all major auctions sites across Japan. We have buyers constantly at all of these auction sites scouring the lists for the best used cars, trucks, buses and vans at the best price. The buyer will be there early in the morning on the day to hand check prospective vehicles coming up for auction later that day. Once bought, the cars are then transported to Nagoya port where our yard is located by the water. 

Yard-in Processing

Once the vehicle arrives in our yard via car transporter, the car is then checked by our trained mechanics to make make sure that we will be sending only good quality used cars to our customers overseas. The vehicles are checked all round and underneath to make sure there is no dangerous rust or damage to the chassis. Engines are checked to make sure they start and run well. The vehicles are then driven a short distance to make sure the running gear is in good working order. In short, we do our very best to make sure the products we sell are of the best possible grade so that we have a happy customer who will be glad to come back and purchase off of us again. Better vehicles through better service is our tried and proven motto.

Customer Purchasing Process/Trade Haus Head Office

Used Vehicle Auction By browsing through our website and requesting a quote of a Japanese used vehicle from amongst any of the hundreds of vehicles we constantly have in stock you will receive an invoice through your email or fax from one of our friendly professional staff in our head office in Nagoya, Japan. They will be more than happy to help if you have any questions or queries about the used car, bus or truck of your choice. If you would like to see more about where we are situated exactly please click here. If you would like to know more about how to request a free quote/invoice and the payment process please click here.


Used Vehicle Auction Once fully paid for, if the Japanese used vehicle is bound to be registered in the destination countries of Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, or Tanzania. The vehicle will need to go through either a JAAI or JEVIC saftey inspection test. Although this does cost extra it is actually an extra little bit of piece of mind as these tests are quite stringent and make doubly sure that you are getting a good vehicle. Of course, customers not in these countries can also opt to get either of these tests if they choose. These tests, especially JEVIC include, testing of all lights, both front and back. Tyre grip depth, brakes, speedometer, emissions, constant velocity joints and rust damage.

Shipping Process

Used Vehicle Auction Once fully paid for, your vehicle will be immediate booked for testing if needed and shipment aboard the first vessel with available space. It will be transported to the customs agents yard where it will be checked through customs Japan. Once cleared it will await to be loaded aboard designated ship. From there it is a matter of waiting for the ship to arrive at your closest convenient sea port. During this waiting period your shipping package will be delivered to either you yourself or direct to your customs clearance agent . This package will contain important documents that you will need to be able to collect your vehicle. This package will include your Bill of Lading, your commercial invoice, your JEVIC/JAAI safety inspection certificate if needed and your Japanese used vehicle Export certificate/certificate of de-registration.

Customs Clearance and Delivery

Your customs clearance agent at your destination port will clear your vehicle through customs. You can either pick it up from there directly if this is possible or you can ask them to deliver your vehicle to your countries border if you live inland.

Collect your car and Drive Safely!

Used Vehicle Auction

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